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POS Onboarding Wizard

POS Onboarding Wizard


When you turn on your POS, you'll be guided through our POS Onboarding (Activation) Wizard. It will assist you with the installation and onboarding of your POS terminals. 

Note: You must fully install and onboard ALL POS terminals, but you must do so one at a time prior to attending your complimentary virtual training and/or using your CAKE POS in your restaurant. 

Please follow the prompts on the screen. 

You will want to locate your email from CAKE (The CAKE you ordered is on its way) email where you will find your Merchant PIN and Token. Both are required to onboard your device/s.



As you walk through the steps, you can also refer to your Installation Guide for assistance.


Once you have connected your POS to the CAKE Router and you've successfully connected to the internet, the Onboarding Wizard will test your internet connection. 


Follow the additional steps and when you see the screen at right, click Start CAKE. Your device will reboot and you will be prompted to enter your Merchant Token and PIN to complete the onboarding process.  


The system will initialize and you will be brought to the user login screen where you will see one user called Owner.

When you click on that user, the password will be the same Merchant PIN you just used. Enter that in the current password field and then enter your new password 2x. Click Create Password.

Once you have your new password, your terminal has been fully onboarded.


Repeat this process for every POS terminal (you'll use the same PIN and token) and do so one at a time and then you can begin customizing your system based on your needs.

Note: If you are enrolled in a CAKE POS Virtual Training, you must be onboarded prior to that training or it will be rescheduled as we remote into your POS system to conduct the training.




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