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Secondary Cash Drawer Setup



Please note that in order to have 2 Cash Drawers, you must have a splitter cable. CAKE can supply you with one (as well as an additional cash drawer). Call or email our Support if interested.

To setup a 2nd cash drawer in your POS software, go to Main Menu>Settings>Device Manager>Registers.


Click on the Register you wish to assign the drawer to (Register-1) on right, for example. From here, you can change the name of this register and toggle on the Secondary Cash Drawer function. 

Both A & B will be dark gray when activated. 

Click Save to save your changes.


When ready to test, go to Main Menu>Register Actions. You will now notice that under Cash In/Cash Out, you can select which drawer to use for that function (or to Open Drawer). 

This will also be true for Assigning Drawers to your employees. 

Note: Managers & Owners will always have access to all cash drawers.

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