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Connect Impact Printer to CAKE Network




Unbox the Impact Printer. Begin by loading the ink ribbon cassette provided in the box into the front of the printer by lifting the lid, tightening the ribbon prior to install, and pushing in the cassette until it clicks. Tighten the ribbon again to ensure it is taut and close the front lid.

Install a roll of regular (non-thermal) printer paper by opening the rear lid and placing the roll of paper in in so that it rolls towards the rear of the printer. Close the lid. (Additional Impact Paper is not provided, please make sure to purchase a supply with the following specifications: 3in x 165ft 1-Ply Bond Paper)

Connect an Ethernet cable to the LAN port on the back of the Printer (#1). Connect the other end to any yellow-orange port on the CAKE Router (#2), or to any port on a Network Switch (if using one) that is connected to the CAKE Router. Plug the power supply into the printer and turn on using the switch on the back.



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