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CAKE | Restaurant Management System & POS

V.2 Installation

Learn how to install your CAKE Point of Sale.


Thank you again for choosing CAKE as your service provider. The following will provide you with instructions on how to setup your point of sale system and its network of hardware. If, during the process, you run into trouble setting up the system, please contact your Support Team at 855-696-CAKE for basic installation assistance.

Installation Requirements:

ELECTRICITY: 2 always active and available power outlets per POS terminal, 1 per remote printer/device available within 6ft of desired placement.

INTERNET: 1 always active and available Ethernet access port on a broadband Internet Service Provider modem set to DHCP.   Internet connections with a designated static IP will require additional configuration and should be reported prior to hardware shipping to avoid installation delays.  Business class DSL or Cable preferred, wireless providers such as Satellite, RF, Microwave, Cellular, “Antenna” are not officially supported.

17”H x 15”W x 15”D of existing counter space per POS with Cash Drawer

12”H x 10”W x 10”D of existing counter space per POS without Cash Drawer

5”H x 15”W x 15”D of existing counter space per Cash Drawer

7”H x 6”W x 5”D of existing counter space per Printer


If you find that installing the system yourself isn’t possible, you can find contact information for our preferred installer below:

IST – Installation Service Technology


1. Connect the CAKE Router to Your Network

Identify where you are going to install your Network Equipment.  Unbox the CAKE Router and Install Kit, and set into position.  

This should be placed near your Internet Service Provider’s modem.

CAKE Router Setup

Plug the Ethernet cable provided with your CAKE Router into an available LAN port on your ISP provided modem.  Plug the other end into the blue port on the CAKE Router, plug in the provided power supply, and turn it on.  

There will be a series of blinking lights on the front indicating the router is being configured. When the red light turns off, you can continue with installation. If the red light stays on after 10 minutes, proceed to step 3. 

This is a one-time setup that can take several minutes (including restarting on its own) to complete. Make sure to leave it plugged in and turned on during installation of the POS system.

If your network has a switch that’s plugged into your ISP modem, or if you are using the optional Network Switch provided by CAKE, please refer to the Multi-Device Network Configuration in section 7.

2. Station Unboxing and Setup

Station Setup: We recommend you place the POS Terminal on top of the Cash Drawer with the primary Receipt Printer nearby.

3. Connect Your POS Terminal to the CAKE Network

Connect the provided Ethernet Cable to the LAN Port on the bottom of the POS (#1).  Connect the other end to any yellow port on the back of the CAKE Router, or to any available port on a Network Switch that is connected directly to the CAKE Router (#2).  

Note: If a longer Ethernet (Cat5 patch) cable is required for your installation, they can be purchased at your local technology retailer.

4. Connect Your Receipt Printer to the CAKE Network

Open the printer using the black latch on the left side and position the thermal paper roll so the paper is rolling up from the bottom with the free end towards the back of the printer. Close the lid allowing a few inches of paper to stick out of the top.  

Additional Thermal Paper is not provided, please make sure to order a supply with the following specifications: 3 ⅛ in. x 230 ft. thermal receipt paper.

Connect the provided Ethernet cable to the LAN port on the back of the Printer (#1). Connect the other end to any yellow port on the CAKE Router or Network Switch (if using one) that is connected directly to the CAKE Router (#2).  

Plug the power supply into the printer and turn on the printer using the switch on the back. 

Repeat this process for each receipt and remote thermal printer.

5. Connect Your Cash Drawer to the Receipt Printer

Connect the cable attached to the Cash Drawer (#1) to the back of the Receipt Printer (#2).

6. Activate your POS

The main contact on your account should have received an email titled “The CAKE you ordered is on its way”. Turn on the POS.  

Enter the Merchant PIN and Token provided in this email to activate your new system.  

7. Multi-Device Network Configuration

If you are installing multiple stations and printers, you may need to use a Network Switch.  

Think of it like a power strip. This enables you to have additional ports available for use with additional CAKE devices.* To install a Network Switch, connect one Ethernet cable from a yellow port on the CAKE Router to any port on the Network Switch, and plug in the power supply. Additional devices can now be plugged into the switch.



CAKE Optional Equipment

If you are interested in installing optional equipment with our CAKE POS, please view the relevant pages on: